I am a Calgary based yoga teacher, specializing in yoga and mindfulness for children and youth.


Did I mention that I’m a mother? I have two outrageously cute boys. They are my life and 100% the reason why I founded Mindful and Mighty.


From the moment our first son was born I had an inkling that he was what some would call ‘spirited’. Almost everything he does is a little more intense than the average person. He speaks, laughs, dances, imagines, and feels intensely. It’s something that I admire about him a lot! However, as he sprouted into toddlerhood, I found myself feeling a little hopeless with my ability to teach him to regulate his emotions and learn how to enjoy one thing at a time. I know it’s perfectly normal for toddlers to be emotional wrecking balls, but it’s sparked a fire inside of me that has led me to this passion project.

Inspiring parents and educators to raise a generation that is connected and present. Teaching children to understand that when we are being authentic, we become our most mighty self.

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