Hi there!


My name is Meg and I am so happy that you landed here!


I am a Calgary based yoga teacher, specializing in yoga and mindfulness for children and youth.


Did I mention that I’m a mother? I have two outrageously cute boys. They are my life and 100% the reason why I founded Mindful and Mighty.


From the moment our first son was born I had an inkling that he was what some would call ‘spirited’. Almost everything he does is a little more intense than the average person. He speaks, laughs, dances, imagines, and feels intensely. It’s something that I admire about him a lot! However, as he sprouted into toddlerhood, I found myself feeling a little hopeless with my ability to teach him to regulate his emotions and learn how to enjoy one thing at a time. I know it’s perfectly normal for toddlers to be emotional wrecking balls, but it’s sparked a fire inside of me that has led me to this passion project.


Basically, I am on a mission to teach my children how to be mindful. Mindful of their emotions, thoughts, reactions, and their bodies. I want my little boys to be capable of tuning out the noise in this ever-distracting world and live in the moment. I think that teaching children how to incorporate mindfulness into their lives is not only beneficial but necessary. So that’s the mindful piece. Here’s the fun part…being mighty! I want them to be their mighty, authentic selves. That means understanding what makes them unique and having the confidence to act in alignment with their values.


Through the process of teaching my own kids how to be mindful and mighty, I couldn’t help but feel this is something all children should learn, starting from a young age. Over the years I have done countless hours of research, tested different strategies in my own family, and connected with like-minded people to curate the activities you will find on my blog and the lesson plans you can purchase in the shop.


I am so, so passionate about reaching as many children as I can to provide them with the skills needed to establish mindfulness in their lives, as well as the confidence to be their authentic, mighty self.


And that is how Mindful and Mighty came to be.