My name is Meg and I am so happy that you landed here!

My mission is help connect people to their soul’s purpose. One way I do this is by teaching yoga and mindfulness to children, and the other way I do this is by creating sentimental jewelry. When I first started designing jewelry, malas seemed like the perfect fit for my company because they serve as a meditation tool. You can read all about malas (what exactly is a mala, why we wear them, benefits, etc.) here.


I’m so passionate about teaching children how to quiet their minds and connect to their inner power, and an effective way to do this is by developing a meditation practice. Learning how to meditate can be tricky- especially for kids. Over the past year I’ve been brainstorming ways to make meditation appealing to children and one day it dawned on me- mala bracelets!

Kids can wear the bracelet as a tool to help them meditate, or more simply- as a reminder of a chosen affirmation (i.e. “I Am Love”, “I Am Kind”, “I Am Peace”, etc.), so that when they feel overwhelmed all it takes is a quick glance at their wrist to start the process of self regulation. You can read about kid-friendly affirmations here.


I learned how to meditate during my yoga teacher training, and it was during that experience that I received my first mala necklace. As someone who struggled with anxiety my whole life, I found meditation to be life changing. It was a simple strategy to help slow my busy brain and connect to my inner power. I so badly wish I would have known about meditation as a child because it would have helped me immensely with my anxiety and overall ability to regulate emotions. I think it would be amazing to help people of all ages learn how to meditate, which is one of the reasons I create malas.

Did I mention how beautiful the malas are? Seriously. Each product is handcrafted using genuine gemstones and sandalwood which reflects my nature-inspired style. A huge aspect of the jewelry I create is personalization. I love to wear items that have meaning and if it symbolizes anything related to my family- I’m over the moon happy.


You can browse custom made pieces here, or send me an email to dream up the design of your dreams.