3 Activities to Improve Your Child's Listening Skills

When was the last time you listened to music? Were you racing around town running errands? Cleaning the house? Entertaining? If you’re anything like me, you likely have some sort of music playing in the background constantly. When there is white noise I typically hum along my day more fluidly- plus there are countless opportunities to break out into a dance party!

One thing I am trying to be intentional about is carving out time in my day where I listen to music mindfully rather than numbingly. This means being still and focusing my attention on sounds. Having tiny humans makes this especially difficult, though. It’s usually in those moments of silence where I hear a crash, someone crying, or suspicious giggling. Really the only time where I can do mindful listening is when my kids are unconscious, like during my morning meditation or before bed. I’d absolutely recommend doing this on your own, but something that I am even more of a fan is including the tiny humans in on this exercise!

Mindful listening has SO many benefits for children, and can improve your child’s ability to:

- Focus

- Self regulate

- Relax

- Actively listen

- Process stimulation

- Understand how their senses work

- Recognize how their physical state can affect their listening ability

If you’re oooing and aaahing at the benefits then try some of these listening activities!

Choose several instruments for this activity (we used a xylophone, bell, and a maraca). Play each item once so your child can listen and note how the instrument sounds. Have your child close their eyes or wear a blindfold while you play an instrument and they guess what it is.

Any of these songs are great for mindful listening: Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, Open & Shut Them, The Penguin Song by Jack Hartman, Stand Up Sit Down by Patty Shukla

This is an easy peasy activity to do with your kiddo. Simply search ‘guided meditations for children’ on YouTube and take your pick! I use an app called Meditation Studio from Muse because they offer a wide selection of kids’ meditations and the audio clip can be played while your phone is on standby. I prefer this over YouTube so that my kids aren’t distracted by the video.

Hope this helps… bye for now!

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