Autumn Sensory & Learn

I’m all about sensory play (if you haven’t noticed!) and put together a very easy autumn exploration box that you can ‘leaf’ out for your kids.

- Pour a cup of coffee or wine depending on the time of day… just kidding! You’re a parent so any time of day is acceptable. Discuss the five senses of fall with your little (i.e. things that your child sees, hears, smells, feels and tastes during this time of year).

Here is an example of what we came up with:

If you're looking for a mindfulness activity that is relevant to autumn, try making a mandala out of leafs!

- Bundle up the kiddos and head outside- it’s time for a scavenger hunt! This is a great way to incorporate mindfulness into your walk to the park, or wherever you normally go. We tried to find as many things from our above list and then added what we could into our basket.

- If you’d like, sprawl out your findings and encourage your child to explore even more.

- Depending on the weather it might be tricky to do the scavenger hunt but most of the items we came up with were easy to round up around the house!

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