DIY Jellyfish Toy

Every month I roll out a new learning theme for our kids. It makes me burst with joy when I see how excited our children are to learn and how they become enveloped in the activities that I’ve worked so hard to create. Thrills have really changed for me over the past few years, lol!

I’ll be the first to admit that my enthusiasm is a little too much at times. I get excited just thinking about when I’ll feel excited again [insert face palm].

The problem now is that our oldest is so, so excited about ocean life. I’ve had a phobia of sharks for as long as I can remember so I really had to amp up my excitement level about the ocean unit. I needed to convince H that sharks are not the horrifying people eating monsters that have haunted my dreams my whole life. Fake it ‘till you make it, right? I faked it too hard.

Now we cannot go 5 minutes without having a conversation about hammerhead sharks. All I want to do is move past this but we are stuck on the ocean theme and I’ve got no one to blame but my overly excited self.

Anyways, I gave up on trying to persuade my 3 year old that there are many other (less horrifying) things that we can learn about. Like construction, insects, or the weather. LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE WOULD BE OK WITH ME.

So in the mean time while we are living in an ocean themed house and consumed with marine life, I decided to give you a quick tutorial on how you can make a calming toy that is of course, ocean related.

DIY Jelly Fish Toy

Step 1: cut off the bottom of a pop bottle.

Step 2: make the head of the jellyfish by wrapping bubble wrap or cushion wrap around the bottle.

Step 3: cut long pieces of bubble wrap, ribbon, or any type of materials that resemble tentacles and glue it to the inside of the bottle.

Step 4: slap on a pair of googley eyes.

Step 5: explain to your child that this toy is lots of fun to play with when they are feeling overwhelmed. Encourage them to pop the bubbles and to pretend that the jellyfish is floating in the ocean as they watch the tentacles sway back and forth.

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