Family Activities to Try this Holiday Season

Have you started watching holiday movies yet?

Are you singing Mariah Carey's Christmas album in the shower?

Did you decorate a gingerbread house on the weekend?

Have you read The Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

No?...just me? Ok ok I have a slight obsession with Christmas and I'll be the first to admit it.

By the time December 25th rolls around I'm about 10 lbs heavier from the cookies that needed sampling, my voice is hoarse from the songs that needed to be sung, and my eyes are twitching from the eggnog lattes that needed to be drank. It's hard work being a Christmas junkie...but someone's got to do it.

Because I take my unofficial title of Momma Elf very seriously, I actually created an entire month long course for parents and educators to use as a tool for teaching children about 4 themes, that to me, embody the true meaning of Christmas. The theme we are learning about this week is "Quality Time with Family & Friends". My own kids have had a blast with this lesson as they were able to kick the holiday festivities up a notch with the amount of "quality time" activities we've done lol.

If you're looking for new traditions to start this year, or you're bored of the same ol' holiday hoedown, try some of these activities!

The full 20 page lesson plan for "The Meaning of Christmas: Quality Time with Family & Friends" includes suggested books and reading comprehension questions for your kiddo, an easy peasy craft, yoga games, and more! It is available for download here.

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