I Am in Spring

Sometimes the messy changes in life bring about the clearest insights
I am eternally grateful to be spend each day with little people who make 'living in the moment' effortles- even when that moment is messy. 
This is a poem about enjoying the 'in between'.
Mindfulness for Kids

My season is summer. I live for the beaming sun and hot weather. Vibrant colors and thriving gardens. We could stay outside all day without a reason to come back in. When we’re outside there is space to expand. I can be anything I want to be when I’m outside in the summer. I can run, relax or explore.

All I need is to be outside.

Spring is messy and unpredictable. Just when I think I can dress a certain way, it snows. I’m eager to be outside all day but I keep getting my hopes up. It’s a lot of work to be outside in the spring. Boots to clean and layers to wear. Mud everywhere.

I wait and wait for summer.

It rains and rains.

And then, the ground becomes firm again.

I can feel the sun on my skin.

Things that were lost during the winter months suddenly reappear. Little tokens from last summer are found.

I learn from my children how to appreciate this season. They have no timeline for summer. Instead of expecting or waiting for warm weather they excitedly discover new things, just as it is. They know that they must come inside later so they waste no time getting messy. This is their chance to lift rocks, climb trees, jump in water, and dig in the dirt.

Each year I grow impatient for things to be beautiful and convenient. This year is different. I know that spring must wash away what was lost in winter. I appreciate the cleansing and renewal.

I watch in admiration as new life grows. This season cannot be rushed or wished away. This is a time for learning and patience. I plant the seeds that I want to grow. I pour love into those seeds, and I hold no expectations for how it will look in full bloom. I enjoy thinking about new life and feeling the dirt rearrange itself. I like how it feels to get messy.

Spring is not a time for waiting, it is a time for discovering.


I am in Spring.   




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