Operation: Keep the Kids Happy

What a wake-up call this past while has been! This pandemic has brought up a lot of fear around the world, but I think it has also opened our eyes to the fact that we, as a society, need to slow down and acknowledge that we are not invincible. Every action has a reaction, and whether or not we choose to believe it, one person really can make a difference. This situation has provided us with a great reminder that all we have is this present moment and it’s important to stay grounded in that.

Ok, I am done ranting.

For any of you with young kids at home … may the force be with you. I am personally on the brink of complete insanity trying to keep my kids entertained without our usual outings. I started making a list of things to do during this time and thought it would be worth sharing!

- Find all the cardboard in your house and start construction! So far we’ve made a pirate ship and a cargo train. The boys love letting their imagination run wild with this activity.

- Paint rocks. Go outside and hunt for rocks under the snow… dry and paint them! We painted our rocks to look like gold in light of St. Patrick’s Day.

- Go on a scavenger hunt indoors.

- Play hide and seek.

- Gather all of the stuffed animals and have a town meeting.

- Practice counting. We made a chart with numbers 1 - 10 and the boys used cereal to fill each column.

- Put on a talent show.

- “Explore” the storage room.

- Play 21 Questions.

- Do yoga!

- Start a Family Gratitude Journal. Create a routine where every day your family discusses and journals what they’re grateful for. Younger kids can try to doodle about their gratitude, or you can write their words down.

The most impactful thing you can do with this time at home is simply being with your kids. This is especially hard for me, because I am a doer. I love planning things, doing elaborate activities that (in reality) are for my own satisfaction. What our kids love most is having our attention and feeling our joy, simply by being in their company.

I hope you all stay healthy and positive, xo.

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