Ways to Feel Mighty

My oldest wants to be a superhero right now, and I’m here for it.

I really enjoy the random facts about different superheros that he dishes out throughout the day. For example, I was told this morning that The Hulk would smash open a window to save me if I needed saving. About an hour later I was told that Batman is a helper and comes out at night to fight the Ice Man. I have no idea who the Ice Man is but I can sleep soundly knowing that Batman is available to help.

Kids have a fascination with superheros and it makes total sense. Everything about them is epic. From their unique power to their cool getup, they’re special. I want to tap into what makes my own children feel special, and give them the tools to feel like a real-life superhero (aka mighty).

Here are a few simple strategies to make your kid feel MIGHTY:

1. Play superheros: this is SO easy and liberating to do as an adult. Grab a blanket, tie it around your neck and run around like a maniac. Bonus points for providing your own theme song.

2. Give bear hugs like your life depends on it: I used to haaaate hugs. I would squirm when someone would come at me with their arms open, but I changed my perspective once a fellow co worker of mine would give me a massive squeeze each time I saw her. After every hug it was like I was given a boost of positive energy. That’s when I realized that I wanted to have that effect on people. I hug my little ones every chance that I can get (even though they weasel their way out most of the time) with the hope that they’ll realize how powerful a good bear hug can be.

3. Star pose: I just started adding this pose to our little movement breaks and it’s awesome! This pose is proven by scientists in the field of social psychology to generate a feeling of power (cool!). More info on this topic can be found here: https://dash.harvard.edu/bitstream/handle/1/9547823/13-027.pdf?sequence=1

4. Dance it out: physical activity is so important in our family, and we jump (literally) at the opportunity to teach our kids that they can change their mind by changing their body.

5. Learn your child’s love language and lay it on them: I was so excited to receive Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages of Children” as a gift this past year and would highly recommend it!

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