Yegga Hunt

When I asked in passing the other day what my oldest likes to do for fun he said, “I like to play, dress up for holidays, and eat”. Clearly, he’s a chip off the old block.

Holidays are big in our house. We’re talking “Yuuuge”. So here we are, gearing up for another event: Easter!

Growing up, my mother went out of her way to create a special atmosphere for each holiday. She would decorate our house from top to bottom and prepare decadent dishes that I’m craving, just thinking about them now.

It’s hilarious to watch my own children get excited about holidays and know that this trait has been passed down to another generation of festive fanatics.

To be honest, we go on some sort of hunt on a daily basis in our house. I’m constantly being summoned to go and find whatever miscellaneous item our oldest has hid. Usually it includes a sock, small toys, crumpled up pieces of paper, a hand puppet, or if I’m really lucky… chewed gum.

I used our Yoga Poses card deck to prop up each (jellybean filled) egg. The rule was he had to do whatever pose was on the card before he could crack open the egg! We had a ton of fun and were able to fit in more movement into our day, which is paramount for busy little bodies!

Here’s a tidbit of how it went!

P.s... Egg hunts are 100% more fun outside.

P.s.s... They are even more fun when it turns into a Yegga hunt

Happy Easter!

Cover photo credit: Craftberry Bush

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