1:1 Mindfulness Coaching

Now offering virtual coaching

free   | 30 minute discovery call or meeting

$ 150 | 1.5 hr session initial assessment

$ 125 | 1 hr session

$ 450 | 1 hr session x 4 week program

$ 50   | 30 minute add-on (available for any session)

Throughout the sessions I will work with your child to develop their mindful awareness and self-regulation skills. Depending on age, we will use play therapy, storytelling, and breathing exercises to achieve the goals set out by parents, educators, the child, and myself.


Who is this best suited for?

These sessions are available to anyone but are of most use to children and youth who struggle with self-regulation, have low self-esteem, or minor behavioral challenges.

Discovery Call / Meeting

This meeting gives me an opportunity to understand where you and your child are at in terms of their everyday behavior, struggles, and goals that you would like to see your child achieve through coaching. This call is completely free and allows us to gain an understanding of each other, and if coaching would be the appropriate next step.

Should we decide to proceed, I will send you an intake form where you can provide more detailed information regarding your child and coaching goals.


Session Structure

The actual coaching sessions take place out of my home office. You and your child are welcome to attend this session together, but it is most effective if I work directly with your kiddo.

Initial Assessment

This initial assessment is so important, which is why I have allocated extra time to the session. Typically the parent will stay for the first 10-15 minutes while we all get to know each other; after this point, the child and I will dive into coaching.

1 hr Session

After having completed the initial assessment, you are welcome to schedule a 1 hr coaching session for your child. This can occur as a stand alone session, or if your child has completed the 4 week program in the past and could use my support again.


4 Week Coaching Program

Once we have completed the initial assessment, I will construct a 4 week program based on your child’s specific needs and goals. Consistency is key in developing new habits and I would recommend this program to families seeking lasting change. We will move through the program ideally on a weekly basis but I am flexible to work around your schedule.


What to expect after each session

I will send notes detailing your child’s progress and experience from each coaching session. Your child will also receive resources such as worksheets and visual behavior charts to continue their progress at home. To add more depth to the coaching, I recommend parents also complete simple reflection exercises throughout the program.