Mindfulness Coaching For Kids

Mindfulness coaching can be transformative for people of all ages. My passion though, is to provide coaching to children, youth, and parents so that the whole family has an opportunity to learn mindful awareness. 

Typically life coaching and mindfulness training is pursued in a later stage of life, but I believe that children who learn mindfulness at a young age are better equipped to move through the different phases of their life and cope with developmental challenges.

In fact, my own children benefited greatly from mindfulness coaching during their toddler years. School-aged kids will learn mindfulness strategies that will improve their attention in the classroom as well as their ability to form healthy social relationships. During the adolescent years, mindfulness coaching may be especially helpful for youth who are struggling with their self-identity and emotional coping skills.


My hope is that by that by providing children and youth with the tools needed to develop self-awareness and self-regulation, they can grow into well-rounded thought leaders who can contribute to the world by being their most authentic, mighty self.

Speaking from personal experience, having a consistent mindfulness practice is an absoulte game changer as a parent. I am calmer and able to handle the daily strugles that arise from raising a child- tantrums and all. If you feel like you're in the trenches of parenthood right now, I would be more than happy to chat directly with you and develop strategies for managing stress that center around mindfulness and conscious parenting.