Yoga For Kids

Yoga is a powerful way to explore what our bodies and minds are capable of. It is extremely functional, meaning that the poses help to improve mobility and build muscle patterns for functional movement. Yoga has been proven to lead to: increased balance & flexibility, maintenance of a healthy heart rate, increased strength, reduced stress levels, formation of better sleep habits, improved kidney function, and an overall higher quality of life. Research has also found that children and youth who practice yoga report positive impacts on their academic performance, strength, mental health, social relationships, ability to self-regulate, increased resiliency, and overall well-being.


Aside from the proven benefits of yoga, kids really enjoy it. That’s what matters most, right? Mindful and Mighty Inc caters to different age groups and realizes that children crave different things from their activities. Little ones for example, will enjoy learning yoga through play and building their skills via games. As children grow, their attention spans can tolerate a more formal yoga practice where they move through a series of poses and dive deeper into aspects of mind-body awareness.

A great way to introduce yoga is by implementing a school-based program where children can learn the fundamentals on a consistent basis. If your school does not yet have a yoga and mindfulness program, I would be happy to develop a program customized to your school’s needs and schedule. Through a combination of physical poses and breathing exercises, students will experience both the health and psychological benefits of yoga.

Various options are available for school and community programs, including:

  • Residencies

  • After school programs (45-60 minute classes)

  • Daycare / Preschool classes

  • Classes for brownies, girl guides, boy scouts etc.

  • Dryland training for athletes