• Meg

A Lil' Sneak Peek!

How is it already March?!!

More importantly… how is it already the season finale of The Bachelor? I’m going to have to keep this post short and sweet because people are counting on my commentary of “The most dramatic finale of The Bachelor in history”.

Here is a little sneak peak into the ‘calming corner’ in our house!

I’d like to stand on my pedestal for a moment and casually mention that I used a drill for the first time in order to make this tepee. I don’t want to brag but I still have all my fingers and walked away from the project injury free.

The tepee was relatively easy to make and it cost less than $50!

I followed along with this tutorial to make it:

Twinkle lights were a must, along with little candles for the kids to switch on and off :)

We made a ‘quiet time’ basket that sits beside the tepee and includes several items that promote sensory awareness and are suitable for independent play.

To complete the space we hung posters from the Time-In Toolkit that little man was SO into! I was super impressed with the materials and the fact that it provides a simple visual of the process of a time in and what emotions a child could be feeling throughout it.

Photo credit: Generation Mindful Time In Toolkit

If you have a space similar to this set up in your own house I would love to see it!