• Meg

Creating a Sacred Space

I mentioned earlier that one of the first things I did when I started this mindfulness inquiry was to create a space in our house that I could use to relax and unwind in. I call it: The Relax Room. Catchy isn’t it?

First and foremost I wanted it to be toy free. Ha!...ok toys are always weaselling their way into my special room but it’s the thought that counts right? I have to tell ya – this is my favourite room in our house. It’s a place where I can do workouts, yoga, reading, meditating…you name it. I will often bring our little man into this room when I can sense he’s getting overwhelmed. We’ll do mindfulness activities, partner yoga, or just snuggle on the bed. It’s the bomb and I would HIGHLY recommend creating a sacred space in your house (especially if you’re a parent).

These are the 5 questions I answered before I got started on my Relax Room:

1. What is the purpose of the room?

2. What would I like the room to look like if money wasn’t a barrier?

3. What are the colours, textures, and scents that I find relaxing?

4. Are there any special items (pictures, candles, books, plants etc.) that bring me peace?

5. How can I keep it a sacred space? Do I want to share this space with our whole family or is this something just for me? Am I mindful of my energy when I step into it? Would it bring me greater peace if it were left clean and tidy? I’m a neat freak so this was all very important to me.

Once I had a vision of the space and answered these questions it was fairly easy to actually create it. And by easy I mean I had to jump through the regular hoops of getting any project done when you tiny humans depending on you.

Do you have a Relax Room? Is the name as catchy as mine? Send me pictures and your favourite aspects of the room!

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