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DIY (beer-ific) Valentine's Day Gift

DISCLAIMER: this post really doesn't have a whole lot to do with mindfulness but it involves being thoughtful and crafty....and it feels good to give a gift that I know my special someone will enjoy :).

Valentine’s Day is an awkward holiday, right? WRONG. It’s one of the best holidays because chocolate and wine overflow-eth from my pantry-eth on that day.

Now every year I struggle to find the perfect gift for my sweetie because…brace yourself: he doesn’t like chocolate. I’ll give you a minute to process that.

It’s fine. More for me.

But the problem is that I end up buying chocolate for him anyways because I can’t help myself. It looks so delicious and if I buy it as a gift it will go right into our pantry and I can tear it open when he’s not looking. Yes you read that correctly. I buy him a gift fully knowing that he doesn’t like it so that I can eat it.

This year I’ve decided to be a good person and gift him something that he’ll actually enjoy- beer!

What would make this gift even better? If the beer was in the shape of a cake!

If you need a last minute gift for your partner, try making the DIY Beer Cake below.

DIY Beer Cake

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

· 3 different sized cake boards

· Ribbon

· Beer (I chose cans over bottles because it looks cleaner and is less fragile). Citizen Brewing Company is a staple in our household and if you’re a fan of craft beer, I’d recommend it.

· Duct tape

· Scissors

This is honestly such an easy gift to whip up and the finished product looks oh so dapper.

Step 1:

Place cans around the perimeter of the largest cake board.

Step 2:

Duct tape the inside of the cans together.

Step 3:

Place cans around the perimeter of the medium sized cake board.

Step 4:

Duct tape the inside of the cans together.

Step 5:

Top the cake with the remaining cans.

Step 6:

Decorate the cake! I wrapped ribbons around each layer and added bows here and there.

Side note: Making bows was the hardest part of this project and I will DEFINITELY be purchasing pre made bows next time haha. You can do whatever your heart desires in terms of decorating- candies, chocolates, etc.


Cover photo credit: @ohsodelicioso