• Meg

Give Presence, Not Presents

“Add to cart”

Anyone else clicking that button lately? How about instead of adding items to our cart, we add acknowledgement to the items already in it? In case you’re not picking up what I’m laying down: in a culture of scarcity it’s so easy to become consumed with purchasing things we really don’t need in order to feel like our life is full of meaning. When in reality, we’re just jam packing it full of crap.

Believe me- I’m a sucker for good deals (even if I already have 10 of whatever it is on sale). I’m trying with all of my might this holiday season to not get sucked into the “I NEED to buy this! So and so would LOVE this!” mindset. This is SO difficult to do though because I like to think of myself as a young female Santa Clause. I frigging love Christmas and I wish it were a year round holiday… and finding the ‘perfect’ gift for my loved ones is my favourite aspect of the holiday. It’s silly though, because I know that for the most part, my friends and family have everything that they need. So what I’m trying to do this year is to shift from giving presents to giving presence.

Easier said than done, I know.

So because I’m a listy person I’ve created a list to help me stick to this way of giving. Feel free to use and modify it so that it fits your life if you’d like.

· Host a holiday event (like gingerbread house decorating, a dinner, hot cocoa and movie night, or a cocktails and games night)

· Write a personalized letter

· Framed picture of a special moment with the giftee… is that a word? If not I’m officially making it one.

· Make something if you’re crafty

· Plan a date with the giftee

P.s: If you’re looking for more ideas on how to give kids specifically presence not presents during the holidays, be sure to read my next post.