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The Fire Under My Butt

The fire under my butt that led to me to starting this blog was a minor meltdown that I had recently. Ok it wasn’t minor.

I was completely entrenched in mom life and running on fumes for about 6 months. My littlest babe refused to sleep longer than an hour at a time, which resulted in a very exhausted, grumpy, and stressed out me. I felt like as soon as he fell asleep I should devote every available second to our oldest son. This went on and on for months to the point where I was capital F frazzled. Even my hair reached a new level of frizzyness. I felt like I had zero energy or time to invest in myself.

Thank god for family because they were there to help me in a big way. It took me a while to actually accept the help and allow someone else to care for our kids but whenever they did, I was absolutely basking in the peacefulness of being by myself. I used my ‘me time’ to figure out what habits I could develop in order to bring more peace into my life.

Here are the top 3:

1. Set aside time each day to do something I enjoy by myself. Aka self-care time.

2. Create a space in our toy-infested house that promotes peacefulness.

3. Start journaling.

The intention behind me starting to journal was to have a safe space where I could vent about the shitty aspects of motherhood (if I’m being honest). It was actually pretty liberating to write down all of the annoying things in my life, rather than just having my thoughts replay these things all day long. It allowed me to release a lot of negative energy that I was holding in and then reflect on my thought patterns. After a few weeks of doing this I noticed a significant change in my anxiety and overall mood. Little by little things started to get easier. I had the confidence to sleep train our baby, which led to more sleep for both of us. I had the confidence to open up to my spouse about issues in our relationship. I had the confidence to ask for help with the kids. Most importantly, I had the confidence to trust that if I committed to journaling I would be able to get out of my frazzled frizzyness.

And here I am… publishing my journal entries!

A little less frazzled. My hair is still frizzy though.

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