• Meg

Time Ins, for the Win!

I’ve been handing out time outs like they’re on sale in our house for a while now.

I started using it as a punishment but the more I watched our little man sit through it, the more I realized that it has an enormous potential to prevent tantrums from even occurring. A time out doesn’t have to be a punishment… it could actually be an opportunity to develop self-regulation tools! Some people refer to this spin on time outs as a ‘time in’.

I’m putting my own twist on this method and am going to focus more on encouraging my little man to use a specific space (aka a “calming corner”) to feel grounded and mindful of his big emotions rather than overwhelmed by them.

After doing my OCD thing and researching for hours on end about time ins, I came across an absolute gem of a company called Generation Mindful. They sell a product called the “Time in Toolkit” and I’m so excited to try it out! It includes a card game on mindfulness, a coloring book about calming strategies, a PDF booklet with information on creating a ‘calming corner’, and tons of posters! I sound like I’m being sponsored to write this (I’m not!)- I’m just genuinely excited to create a safe space for Mr. Man to learn about his emotions and how to better cope with them.

I used to get excited about going out with friends… now here I am chomping at the bits to learn about emotional intelligence for kids lol.

So… if this is something that sparks your interest and you’d like to try it out, I’d love to go through it together! We can connect via email or social media and pat each other on the back… or just swap funny stories about how things have failed. Either way- I’m always here!

If you want to read more about time in’s, check out there is a ton of valuable information on this website and great products!!!

Here is a little inspiration for what I'd like the calming corner to look like in our house...