• Meg

Valentine's Day Yoga Sequence

Happy Love Day!

The point of this sequence is to use yoga to teach children about the meaning of Valentine’s Day, which to me, is the importance of expressing love to those you care about. I had a blast moving through these poses with our little man and if you'd like to try it out with your kids, feel free to use my script below!


Today we are going to go on a special mission! Our mission is to show how much we love our friends and family.

Easy pose

Start off on your bum sitting cross-legged in easy pose.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Breathe out. Now put your hand over your heart and think about someone really special to you. It can be a sibling, grandparent, friend, pet… anyone you want! Ok now on your next breath imagine that you are breathing in a whole bunch of love for that special person. When you breathe out, send the love as far as you can. Breathe it all out.


Now we’re going to kick off our mission with showing our pets how much we love them. Move onto your hands and knees into table top position. What do you love most about your dog (or whatever their pet is)? Is it their cute tail? Pretend that you’re a dog and wag your tail. Shake your hips from side to side. Ok now pretend you’re a cat and arch your back way up into the sky. Cats like to stretch out their backs like this. Let out a big MEOOOOW.

Be a cow now! Let your belly hang low to the ground and look up at the ceiling.... MOOOOO.

Move back and forth between these poses.

Downward Dog/ Flipped Dog

Alright you know what I love about our dog? How silly he gets on walks. Let’s pretend that we are dogs out for a walk now. Oh look! A fire hydrant! Dogs love to pee on those!! Lift one leg up and pretend to go! Now do the other side.

Mountain Pose

Now let’s think about what we love most about Daddy/ Mommy. Is it how they give us hugs in the morning? Let’s pretend we’re waking up slowly in the morning. From downward dog pose walk your fingers back to your toes and slowly stand up. Stretch your arms all the way up to the sky like we’re trying to touch the clouds! Now wiggle your fingers awake. Ok let’s pretend that we’re giving our Daddy/ Mommy a good morning hug. Scoop your arms around yourself and squeeze tight.

Forward Fold

Now sandwich yourself in half as you bend forward to touch your toes.

Wide Legged Fold

Spread your feet apart as far as they can go and push your hands into the ground. We need to show our grandparents how much we love them! Something that I love most about them is how they play with me. They like to play hide and seek all the time! Let’s pretend that we’re hiding as we lift our bellies up and then we’re going to peek through our legs as we lower back down to the ground. I’ll peek on you first! Ready let’s do that again. Now it’s your turn to peek on me!

Ok let’s stand all the way up again nice and straight.


I also love it when grandparents take me on an airplane ride! Let’s be airplanes now!! Lift one leg off the ground and spread your arms out wide to soar through the sky. Now do the other side.

Mr. Man wasn't into this pose so we couldn't snap a demo. If you're unsure of what the pose looks like you'll have to use the ol' google machine.


Let’s take our stuffy on an airplane ride just like our grandparents do for us! Lay on your back and raise your legs up. I’m going to put your stuffy on your feet and you take it on an airplane ride!

SIDE NOTE: you can also do legs up the wall and have their toy rest on the bottoms of their feet this way.

I think it goes without saying that you can make yoga about ANYTHING at all... hope you enjoyed this sequence!

Happy Valentine's Day <3