• Meg

Winter Mindfulness Activities

You know that saying, “you always want what you can’t have”? Well… for the first time in my LIFE I’m wishing there was more snow on the ground. This has got to be the mildest winter I’ve lived through and I can’t help but miss doing the wintery activities that we usually do!

So I decided to bring the snow to us! Here are a few mindfulness activities that are ‘winter’ themed….

Guided meditation:

Set up a relaxing space and ask your child to lie down. Explain that you are going to go on an adventure with your imaginations and that they need to listen closely to your story.

“Close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths. Imagine that we are walking outside. The sun is shining and there are big fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky. We’re going to walk to a field close by. Listen to the sound of snow crunching under our shoes. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Keep your eyes closed so that we can stay in our story. As we walk on the path a little white bunny hops beside us and asks if we’re going to the field. We reply yes and he offers to take us on a short cut. The sun is still shining and we look around at the snow sparkling on the ground as we follow the friendly bunny. Oh look- the field! Thank you, Mr. Bunny for showing us the short cut! Wow…. There is so much snow here! If we listen closely we can hear birds chirping in the distance. Finally, we made it to the field. We decide to lay down and have a little rest in the snow- thank goodness we’re bundled up in warm clothes! You know what would make this even more fun? If we made snow angels. Let’s slide our arms up and down in the snow to make the shape of wings. Now, we’ll move our legs from side to side. Try doing it all together. If you’d like, you can open your eyes and peek at how I’m doing it. Look at our beautiful snow angels… great work! Ok, now lets move our arms and legs verrrry slowly. So slowly that we almost stop moving. Now feel the sun shining on your face, isn’t this nice? Let’s take long, slow breaths. Now let’s roll onto our sides, so that we’re lying nice and relaxed. You can tuck your knees into your chest if that’s more comfy.

When you’re ready, lets come out of the story. Thanks for coming along with me on that snowy adventure!”

Homemade ice:

1. Pour water into an ice tray

2. Add food coloring if you’re feeling ambitious

3. Freeze water

4. Pat yourself on the back

It cracked me up how mesmerized our little one was with this activity.

WARNING: be prepared to answer if the ice is “ready now?” anywhere from 50-100 times before the ice is formed.

Eventually, the ice formed. MAGIC!

After he got over the thrill of creating ice and playing with it, he agreed to do a science experiment and see if anything would change if we left the ice out in a cup overnight.


1. Make as many paper snowflakes as your heart desires. I used this template:

2. Attach string and hang from a fixture. I used narrow ribbon and attached the snowflakes to our stair banister.

3. Blow on the snowflakes and watch them twirl around. I used this opportunity to talk about how taking deep breaths can make big changes (both with the snowflakes moving around, and with how our bodies feel when we breath forcefully or in a relaxed manner).

4. Gather all of the snowflakes and toss them up in the air for a snowstorm!

We decided to throw the snowflakes in front of fan for dramatic effect- it was so exhilarating that our toddler jumped up and down and ended up smoking his chin on a crib. So.... if you'd like to try this one at home maybe set up the fan in a padded area- lol.

Snowball fight:

Crumple up scrap paper into the shape of a ball and, viola- a homemade snowball!

Want to add an extra layer of fun to this activity? Instruct your kiddo to crumple up the paper as fast as they can and run the snowball over to a growing pile. The more movement the better! Once the piles are stacked high, let the games begin!

We had a ball with this (see what I did there) and I think we might make it a year round activity :)