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This beautiful mala bracelet represents peace and love. The combination of light blues and pink make this a stand out piece of jewelry that can be dressed up or used for every day wear. I designed this bracelet to bring the wearer a sense of feeling peaceful and loved- would be a great gift for a mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, bridesmaid, grandma- and the list goes on!


AQUARMINE - is a calming and soothing gemstone. Brings the wearer a sense of feeling peaceful and content.
ROSE QUARTZ - is believed to be the stone of ‘unconditional love’. This makes it the perfect gem to show that special someone just how much you love them. Rose quartz provides the wearer with a sense of feeling fulfilled and radiating with love- both inward and outward.
AMAZONITE - helps connect us to our inner power.

Malas are beautiful beads that are used as a tool to enhance one’s meditation practice. Malas can be used to count mantras or breathes as the wearer progresses through their meditation. Additionally, malas can serve as a reminder to act with intention outside of meditation. The gemstones used in mala beads are believed to hold significance, and depending on the type, can bring the wearer a sense of feeling loved, protected, calm, grounded, etc.

Each bracelet is handmade and beaded with a whole lot of love. Materials consist of genuine gemstones and silver accent beads.
This Aquamarine & Rose Quartz Mala bracelet features:
• 6mm aquamarine beads
• 8mm rose quartz chip gemstone
• 6mm amazonite beads
• silver accent beads
• sturdy stretch cord

Each stone is unique in its color and features, so your necklace may have subtle differences than the photo shown. This is what makes your mala one of a kind, and one that you’ll get compliments on the daily.

Your item is carefully packaged in organza pouch and protective wrap, along with an affirmation card (i.e., “I Give and Receive Love”) to enhance your meditation practice.

Adult bracelet: 6” (XS) | 6.5” (S) | 7” (S/M) | 7.5” (M/L) | 8” (L/XL)

Use a soft tape measure to measure your wrist at the wrist bone. I like to add ¾” to ensure the bracelet will fit correctly. Select your size from the drop-down menu and please specify if you require a size that is not listed.

To keep your mala in pristine condition, I recommend the following:
- Polish your bracelet with a jewelry polishing cloth every once in a while
- Do not submerge your bracelet in water (i.e. remove prior to showering, swimming, etc.)
- Do not sleep with your mala on

Bracelets are packaged in organza bag, and then secured in a small cardboard box which is then sealed in a bubble mailer.
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Aquamarine & Rose Quartz Mala Bracelet