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The Meaning of Christmas Lesson Plan: Giving


The holidays are what you make it. This year I want to make it extra meaningful by tuning out the noise and sharing moments with my children that they will hopefully remember for years to come. I created this course with the intent to introduce my kiddos to 4 themes, that to me, embody the meaning of Christmas. These themes include: giving, kindness, spending quality time with family & friends, and the ‘magic’ of Christmas.


Everyone learns in their own way, which is why I’ve employed different teaching styles to appeal to each type of learner. Throughout the month of December we will explore the above themes by reading books(visual, linguistic, & auditory learning), doing a craft (kinesthetic learning), activity (social learning), and having fun with yoga! My hope is that at the end of each lesson your kiddo understands the concept, but most importantly, I hope that you create a sleigh-full of memories over this holiday season doing things that truly matter.

20 page lesson plan!