My mission is to bring yoga and mindfulness to as many children as I possibly can. I truly believe that by providing kids with the tools needed to develop self-awareness and self-regulation, they can grow into well-rounded thought leaders who can contribute to the world by being their most authentic, mighty self.

Yoga and mindfulness activities allow children the opportunity to explore their mind-body connection, self-identity, and to gain insight into their core belief system from a young age. Typically this process of self-actualization occurs later in life, but I believe that children are much more capable of beginning this process in their early years.

At the very least, why wouldn't we encourage our kids to develop these tools and insights as early as they can? 

That's where I step in ... I would love to work together with your child, classroom, preschool, community program, (you name it!) to bring the goodness of yoga and mindfulness, and to empower kids to be their most mighty self.

Especially for kids





1 hr coaching session

1.5 coaching session 

prices vary

Throughout the session I will work with your child to develop their mindful awareness and self-regulation skills. Depending on age, we will use play therapy, story-telling, and breathing exercises to achieve the goals set out by parents, educators, the child, and myself.

These sessions are available to anyone, but are of most use to children and youth who struggle with self-regulation, have low self-esteem, or minor behavioral challenges.

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1.5 hr workshop

$25 | child

2 hr workshop

$35 | child

These workshops are great opportunities to introduce your child to yoga and mindfulness! Each program is centered around a theme such as "kindness", "self-love", "gratitude" and holidays. We will learn about each concept as a group via story-telling, games, crafts and yoga.


1 hr classes

$45 | child

Enhance your school's physical literacy through regularly scheduled yoga and mindfulness classes. Each class will be 60 minutes in length, and will provide students with a blend of age appropriate yoga sequencing, as well as mindfulness exercises. 

Programs are completely customized to meet your school or organization's objectives and goals. 

A minimum of 10 students is required for booking. 


1.5 hr package

$200 + gst

2 hr package

$275 + gst

Packages are tailored to your kiddo's interests and will include a themed yoga class, crafts, games, and more! 



1.5 or 2 hr bookings available

45 minute yoga class

Themed craft station



Mats & supplies included


Mindful and Mighty will bring the yoga party to you! 

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