I'm so happy you landed here!

Do you want to learn more about yoga and mindfulness for children? Cool, me too!

Do you want to learn strategies for teaching your child to be their most authentic, mighty self? Girl, get out of my head! I want the same thing!!

Here you will find resources available to parents and educators related to the above topics. 

  • Calgary is a vibrant city that offers quite a few resources for parents and educators.


    In fact, school curriculum has evolved to include mindfulness. Can I get a yahoo?! 

  • Oh, Canada- your commitment to providing opportunities for children to gain mindful awareness is even better than your maple syrup.   

  • If you're feeling like the world is in a sad state of affairs and there is no hope for the this to change your mind.

    There are so, so many resources available on a global spectrum that will teach you and your child how to live a more mindful and mighty life.