Yoga & Mindfulness Workshops

Are There Kids Yoga Workshops Near Me?

It can be difficult finding appropriate activities and extra curricular activities for kids in Calgary. My goal is to provide wholistic workshops that allow children to learn more about their physical and mental strength. Certain workshops are designed to push physical limits and strengthen muscles that are often neglected through typical activities. Others focus on developing mindful awareness and learning coping strategies for anxiety. I am so passionate about reaching as many children and youth as I can to provide them with a healthy physical outlet, as well as the space to increase their self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


Past workshops have been related to self-love, gratitude, kindness, and the basics of yoga. If your organization would like to offer workshops based on unique themes, feel free to contact me and we can work together to achieve your goals.

I offer a variety of classes, recurring programs, workshops, and coaching for kids’ yoga in Calgary.  Reach out for more information on “yoga workshops near me”!